Manually reset a Wordpress password

Via your account's control panel, login to the phpMyAdmin interface for your Wordpress database.


  • A list of databases will appear. Click your WordPress database.


  • All the tables in your database will appear. If not, click Structure.
  • In the Table column, look for a entry ending with _users.
  • Click on the icon for browse.
  • Locate your Username under user_login
  • Click edit (may look like a pencil icon in some versions of phpMyAdmin)


  • Your user_id will be shown, click on Edit
  • Next to the user_pass is a long list of numbers and letters.
  • Select and delete these and type in your new password.
  • Type in the password you want to use. Just type it in normally, but remember, it is case-sensitive.
  • In this example, the new password will be 'rabbitseatcarrots'
  • Once you have done that, click the dropdown menu indicated, and select MD5 from the menu.


  • Check that your password is actually correct, and that MD5 is in the box.
  • Click the 'Go' button to the bottom right.
  • Test the new password on the login screen. If it doesn't work, check that you've followed these instructions exactly.

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