My website is reporting that it is an attack site.

Your site has may have been infected with a JavaScript / Iframe re-director script.  This is making your site appear to be infected but it is simply a script that is redirecting your site to another website that has a virus.

This happens when either your workstation or another workstation that a developer is using containing FTP passwords and other sensitive information has been leaked.

What we recommend you do in order to correct this issue is the following:

1) Download Avast located at
2) Install this on all systems that have development access to your websites and do a full system scan.
3) Once you have done this and verified that your systems are clean you will need to change your FTP password and we recommend changing all password related to your Sectorlink account.
4) Once you have changed your FTP password you will need to login to your website and edit your files to remove any code that has been injected in to your web site files.   This is normally javascript tags and or IFRAME tags, i.e.:

<iframe width="300" height="150"></iframe>

5) You will also want to make sure that there are no other files within your website that have been uploaded that should not be there.

We recommend using AVAST because it is free and will detect and remove this virus.

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