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If you would like to add a new SSL certificate to a website, first login to your accounts Plesk control panel

  • Select Websites & Domains from the left tab
  • Click on the SSL/TLS Certificates button under the domain you are adding the certificate to (you can use the search function on the top of the left tab if there are a lot of domains on the account)
  • Click on the Add SSL/TLS Certificate button
  • Fill out the top of the form and hit the Request button (form details below)

Certificate Name: What you want to call this certificate. It can be anything, but you want something that easily identifies it. i.e. domainname_2019

Bits: Leave this on the default of 4096 unless specifically requested by your certificate provider.

Country: Select the country the organization is located in from the drop-down

State or provinceThe state/region the organization is located in. This should not be abbreviated.

Location (cityThe city where the organization is located.

Organization name (company): The legal name of the organization. This should not be abbreviated and should include suffixes such as Inc, Corp, or LLC. i.e. Google Inc.

Organization department or division name: This field is optional. The division of your organization handling the certificate. i.e. Web Hosting; Information Technology; IT Department

Domain name: This will be automatically filled in with the website you are generating the CSR for and should not need to be changed.

EmailThis will be automatically filled in with the email from the Plesk users profile. You can change this to any email address if you want.

  • You will be taken back to the previous page and should now see the certificate you have started listed in the items below. Click the Certificate name to bring up further details.
  • The CSR and Private key will be displayed at the bottom of this page. You will need to provide the CSR when requested during the purchase of a certificate.
  • Once you receive your completed certificate, you can copy/paste the Certificate (*.crt) and CA certificate (*-ca.crt) here and hit the Upload Certificate button to save the changes.
  • Go back the the Websites & Domains section of your control panel and select Hosting Settings under the domain in question.
  • Make sure the SSL/TLS support box is checked and select the Certificate from the drop-down.
  • Hit OK or Apply to save the changes. You should now be able to use the HTTPS version of the website.

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