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- Once you have logged into your Plesk hosting control panel interface, go to Domains -> ( -> Web Hosting Settings

- Check "Create Web site using Sitebuilder".  Click OK to save changes.

- Once the server has finished processing this change, click "Edit in Sitebuilder"

- Your web browser will open another tab (or window) with the Sitebuilder wizard.  Creating your site is a 5-stop process:

1. Start -- select the type of site you wish to create, i.e. a traditional web site, a web log (blog), or a photo gallery

2. Design -- select the template defining the overall appearance of your site.  In this section, you will also upload your company logo (if applicable) and define the site's title.

3. Pages -- in this section, you will define the structure of the site, i.e. how many pages you want to create.  You will be given a list of page structure templates to select from, i.e. "Home", "News and Events", "About Us", "Contact Us", etc.

4. Edit -- in this section, you will edit the text content of each page you selected in step #3.

5. Publish -- once you have finished steps 1-4, you will be given an option to Publish the site, in order to make it viewable to your end-users.

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