How to connect to private Github repositories using Plesk and Git? Print

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  1. Go to the Github website.

  2. Click the Sign in button:

  3. Specify a Github username and a password in the corresponding Username or email address and Password fields:

  4. Click an icon of your profile:

  5. Press the Settings button:

  6. Navigate to the SSH and GPG keys tab:

  7. Click the New SSH key button:

  8. Log in to your Plesk control panel.

  9. Go to Domains > > Git.

    Note: change the "" domain in the path above to the correct one.

    and make sure that the Remote Git hosting like GitHub or BitBucket tab is selected:

  10. Specify the private repository name, e.g.:

    in the Remote Git repository field:

  11. Copy the content of the SSH public key field:

    back to the Github website, specify the key name in the Title field, insert the copied key from Plesk to the Key field and press the Add SSH key button:

  12. Come back to Plesk and press the OK button to clone the private repository.

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