How do I migrate WordPress from another host?

We have made moving your WordPress site over to Sectorlink from another hosting service pretty simple. The steps in order to do so are outlined below. If you need any assistance whatsoever please contact support.

Step 1 : Adding Your Website

1. Login in to your cloud control panel.
2. Click Websites on the left menu.

3. Click the Add Website Button.

4. Enter your domain name.
5. Select Linux as the server type.
6. Click PHP to enable PHP scripting.
7. Choose yes to add and an FTP account to this website.
8. If you would like to to add e-mail service for this domain select yes.
9. Click Add Domain.

Step 2  :  Adding a Database

1. Click Databases on the left menu.

 2. Click Add New Database.

3. Choose MySQL as the database type.
4. Enter a name for your new database.
5. Enter a username for your new database.
6. Enter a password for your new user.
7. Click Add Database.

Step 3 : Migrating WordPress from another host / server

1. Click Applications on the left menu.

2. Click Install Application.

3. Choose the domain that you entered in step 1.
4. Choose the database that you entered in step 2.
5. Click Install Application.

6. From the list of available applications click on WordPress.

7. Click on the down arrow next to the install this application button and choose Import Existing Install.

8.  Choose From Different Account and click continue.

9. Enter the source URL where your WordPress installation is located currently.
( For example. If your WordPress is located at you would enter that in the field. If your WordPress is located in a folder you would enter that in the field )
10. Enter the IP address of the remote web server. This is optional.
11. Leave the FTP protocol at FTP with TLS/SSL. You may have to change this to just FTP if your previous host does not support FTP w/SSL.
12. Enter the remote server IP or Hostname for FTP.
13. You can leave the port at default. No change needs to be made here unless the your previous host requires a custom port.
14. Enter the Username for your FTP account with your previous host.
15. Enter the Password for your FTP user.
16. Enter the path to your WordPress files. For example public_html/ 
17. The information for Destination should already be filled out. If there are any changes that you would like to make you can do so.
18. Click Import.

Your WordPress install will be copied and you will be ready to go live once it has completed.

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