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In order to add an CNAME Record for a domain please use the following steps :

  1. Login to your cloud web hosting control panel. 
  2. Click on DNS Zones on the left menu.
  3. Click the configure button that corresponds to the domain that you are wanting to enter the CNAME record for.
  4. Click on the Add Record Button.
  5. For record type choose CNAME
  6. Enter the hostname of the domain.
    For example if you wanting to add a CNAME record for www.domain.tld you would simply enter www in the domain name field.
  7. Enter the hostname for the CNAME that you are wanting to add.
    ** You want to enter a hostname in this field and not an IP address.   CNAME records are not intended for IP addresses.  If you are looking to point to an IP address  you would use an A record.
  8. Click Add Record.

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