How to turn on/off spam protection for an e-mail account Print

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Spam protection is enabled by default when you create an e-mail account.  If you need to disable spam protection or re-enable spam protection please follow the steps below :

  1. Log in to your cloud web hosting control panel.
  2. Click on E-Mail Domains on the left panel.
  3. Locate the domain for your e-mail address and then click the manage button.
  4. Locate the e-mail address you are wanting to manage your spam settings and then click on the edit button.
  5. Change the Spam And Virus protection to enabled or disabled.  You can also select how you want spam to be handled.  You can have it moved to the Junk Mail folder or you can have it deleted.  We recommend selecting Move To Junk Mail.
  6. Click Save Changes.

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