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  • Login to your Sectorlink control panel.  Go to "Websites" and click the domain where you want to add the SSL certificate.

  • Click "SSL Certificates"

  • Click "Generate CSR"

  • Fill out the CSR form with your domain's company information.  The "Description" field is entirely arbitrary and for your reference only.  Unless you need otherwise, the "Organization department/division" field can usually be left as it's default value.  Click "Generate CSR" once finished.

  • You should now see a new entry for the Description you entered in the above step.  Click the Description to view it.

  • At this point, you will need to purchase a certificate from a SSL provider (for example, via the Sectorlink homepage).  The exact steps will vary depending on the provider, however, during the order/configuration process, they will ask you for a CSR.  Copy/paste it in from the "CSR" box on this page.  Be sure to include the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" lines.

  • Once your SSL order has been completed, your provider will send you a Certificate / Intermediate (CA) bundle via email, or make it available through their control panel interface.  Return to the above page in your Sectorlink control panel.  Copy/paste your certificate into the "Certificate" field and Save.  Then copy/paste the Intermediate (CA) certificate into the "CA Certificate" field and Save.

  • Click "Return to Certificates" at the top to return to the previous page.  Click the radio button to the left of your certificate Description and click "Enable Certificate".  Note: if you already have a certificate enabled, you will first need to disable it.

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