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Create the calendar share

  • Select an existing email user who's calendar will be shared among all users under this domain.  Else, create a new email user for this purpose via your hosting control panel interface.  In this example, I use "admin@testlin.tld".
  • Login to this user's webmail interface.

  • Go to Options -> Shared -> Shared Resources.  Click "New Share..."

  • Under the "Resource" drop-down, select "Calendar".
  • For "Access Level", select "Read Only" if you only want the calendar to be viewable by other users under the domain.  Select "Full Access" if you want other users to be able to add/modify/remove events from this calendar.
  • Click "Grant Access" to apply changes.

  • Go to the "Calendar" tab and add calendar events as usual.


View the calendar share as another user

  • Login to webmail as another user of this domain (in this example, I use "jason@testlin.tld")

  • Go to Options -> Shared -> Connect To Share
  • Under "Mail User", select the user from the previous section
  • Under "Resource to Open", select "/Calendar" and click "Connect".

  • Go to the "Calendar" tab.
  • Under "Shared Calendars", tick the checkbox for the user account from the previous section.
  • This user's calendar events should now be visible.

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