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Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Outlook XP/2003 

1. Open the tools menu then choose email account. Select “View or change existing email account”, click next. 
2. Choose the email account you want to change, then click the “Change…” button. 
3. Once there, you will see a button named “More Settings”, click it.  Now select the “Advanced Tab”,. 
4. You will see a entry that is title “Outgoing server (SMTP) in the text box you will see “25” change this to “2525” click the “OK” Button.
5. Okay your way out (or finish). Restart your email application and create a message and try sending it. 

Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Outlook Express 5 or higher

1. Select the “Tools” menu and then “Accounts” 
2. Once the accounts dialog box opens select the email account you wish to change 
3. Click the properties button. Once you do that another dialog box will open, select the advanced tab. 
4. You will select “Outgoing mail (SMTP)"  The default in the text box will be “25” change that to “2525” and click okay 
5. Okay your way out of the email accounts dialogs. Close Outlook Express and re-open it, try sending email. 

Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Thunderbird
1. From the Thunderbird toolbar, select Tools > Account Settings. The Account Settings window opens.
2. In the Account Settings window, in the left column, select Outgoing Server (SMTP). The Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings display.
3. Select the account (e.g. or Tufts Mail) and click . The SMTP Server window opens.
4. In the Settings area, in the Port field, change 25 to 2525.
5. In the Use secure connection field, select the TLS option.
6. When you are finished, click . The SMTP Server window closes.
7. In the Account Settings window, click . The Account Settings window closes and the SMTP port is changed.
Once the SMTP port is changed, the user may be prompted for their password the next time they send an outgoing email.

Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Eudora
1. From the Eudora toolbar, select Tools > Options. The Options window opens.
2. In the Options window, in the left Category column, click Sending Mail. The Sending Mail settings display.
3. In the area with checkboxes, place a check in the Use submission port (2525).
4. In the Secure Sockets when Sending field, select Required, STARTTLS.
5. At the base of the window, click . The Options window closes.
These steps were written for Eudora 7. Steps may vary based on your version of Eudora.

Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Entourage
1. Select Entourage / Account Settings.
2. Click the Mail tab.
3. Click the Configure account manually button.
4. Click the OK button. The Edit Account window will appear.
5. Click the "Click here for advanced sending options" button located below the SMTP server box.
6. Check the Override default SMTP port box.
7. Enter the outgoing port 2525.
8. Click the OK button.
9. Click the Close button, located in the upper left corner.

Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Entourage
1. Open Mac Mail, Click on ‘Mail’ from the top toolbar.
2. Click ‘Preferences’
3. Click on the ‘Account Information’ tab.
4. Click within the ‘Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)’ drop-down box
5. Click on ‘Edit Server List’
6. Set the server port to 2525.
7. Enter your user name and password.
8. Click ‘OK’
Make sure you save the changes when closing the Preferences Window

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